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Boom Hunter XL is a one of a kind trading tool that you wont find anywhere else. It is an absolute essential for professional traders or anyone serious about trading. Designed to expose perfect entries and incredible exits, it is the best kept secret in the trading world and makes every other indicator look like a toy.

School of COG

Weekly lessons on how to use the Center of Gravity indicator

Wiki Boom

Documentation that provides you with all the information you need to trade successfully


Get alerts for all the big moves

Center Of Gravity XL

Indicators that work together

Center Of Gravity XL is the perfect companion to Boom Hunter XL. Identify Trends and visualize momentum to find the best entries and exits the charts have to offer.

From the original creator of indicators such as Tesla Coil, Volume Pressure Analysis, ZLSMA, Boom Hunter Pro, Stochastic RVI, Wave Trend Momentum Oscillator and many more...

Designed for crypto but Works on any market with a chart

"As a trader, I am only interested in catching the big waves and every other movement is just a piece of the setup required to make a boom"


There is only one king

Boom Hunter XL

Support and Resistance

Boom Hunter XL is a support and resistance oscillator. It tracks price action through its current price channel. Dynamic support and resistance lines are shown so you can enter trades as it bounces off the SR.

Pressure Analysis

With a focus on chart transparency Boom Hunter XL will show you exactly when price action is testing a SR and how hard it is pushing.

Volume Pressure Analysis

Another one of a kind development that calculates how easy it is to move price. Sometimes it requires a lot of volume to move the price while other times it requires very little.

Breakouts and Reversals

Not only is the main oscillator is very fast for entering and exiting trades, it also draws breakout and reversal patterns.

Volume Directional Pressure

Developed to calculate the direction volume is pushing price. Use these signals to catch the momentum and see price get pushed away from SR lines.


Every boom begins with a pullback. Identify first pullbacks and enter them surgically.

Confirmation Trigger

With a built in confirmation trigger that only lights up with the trend it makes it hard to make a wrong decision.

Volume Breakouts

Boom Hunter XL will detect and signal volume breakouts. These can make great entries and can see your trade go straight into green.

Center Of Gravity XL

Now free with Boom Hunter XL

Oscillator 1

This oscillators main purpose is to show momentum and how far price is moving from its center line. Shifts in trends expose themselves early and first pullbacks become obvious. There is a choice of 11 different moving averages including ZLSMA.

Oscillator 2

This is the classic veryfid setup but now enhanced with pressure analysis. Don't be fooled by the simplicity, this oscillator will amaze you with its power and accuracy. It is packed with alerts and easy to read signals that will help you catch your next boom.

Become a master of your indicators

There are lessons with everything you need to master Boom Hunter XL and Center of Gravity XL. Lessons cover all the basic fundamentals and move on to more advanced principles. This is a unique opportunity to interact and learn directly with the developer.

Boom Hunter XL Signals Indicator

Signals and Alerts

Boom Hunter XL Signals Indicator 

  • Alerts are handled with Boom Hunter XL Signals Indicator
  • Get notified of big movements
  • Signals for first pullbacks, breakouts, pumps, dumps, overbought and oversold.

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